Thursday, April 5, 2012

Praise God for...

the insurance company!  Not what you thought I'd say.  But I am so grateful for two things with them.  One: they aren't fighting us ordering the insulin pump a month earlier than their protocal dictates and two: its covered 100%.  Phew!  Another bonus the infusion sets are cover 100% too!  We are so grateful because we have been praying for a smooth transition into the pump and the first step was actually getting the pump shipped without problems.  Thus far Animas has been wonderfully responsive and so has our insurance company.  Thank God.  The next phase of this transition will be training set up for late April and then a week of saline in the pump and then off we go with insulin.  We're grateful for the first hurdle and praying for the next couple!

As a side note I just got an email with the tracking information!  The pump and supplies should arrive today.

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