Sunday, April 29, 2012


There have been few times in my life that I'm more petrified and more relieved.  The pump is live so tonight at dinner she shouldn't need an injection or a nighttime basal injection.  Really hoping we did all the priming right so there will be no infusion set (needle and tubes that carry insulin to her body) changes in the next 3 days and she can believe us that the pump means no shots!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Earth is Not Giving Way

As Mark and I began watching the One Touch Ping introduction video the other night in preparation for our training this past Monday we both felt panic welling up.  It made me feel better to know my typically calm, confident, technology loving hubby was feeling the same way, at least I wasn't overreacting!  It was an incredible amount of information (given in an informative but mind numbingly boring way) to take in and the importance of really knowing it was crucial. 

As I'm beginning to panic and question our decision to transfer to an insulin pump I have to remind myself this is what is best for Marian and I need to push through the anxiety to do what's best for her.  I knew I needed to sit in the Word so that's what I did.  "Do not be anxious but in all things cast your cares upon Him who cares for you," has been repeated frequently in the past six months.  At time and here is another day it's more a chanting plea throughout the day. 

Then I read
"God is our refuge and strength a very present help in trouble.  Therefore we will not fear though the earth gives way, though the mountains be moved into the heart of the sea...." Psalm 46:1-2

I began to laugh.  Seriously I'm not facing the earth giving way today (that I know of at least).  I'm facing a busy schedule, pregnancy, loving kids and hubby, and a little pink piece of technology.  It's helpful to have a bit of perspective!

As I read on God reminds me He's in the midst of this creation that he's with me and our families fortress. 

Verse 10 begins " still and know that I'm God."  So when panic arises when our lives begin to go out of our plans (but not God's plan!) remember He is our refuge and strength amid the biggest disasters or the smallest everyday events.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Needed Rebuke

I've been thinking about the question "Am I willing to sacrifice?" a lot lately.  I think its comes with the realization of my own selfishness in caring for my family.  I'm seeing some needs in both my girls that are going to require more intentionality on my part, mainly in structuring our day.  To be honest I don't want to do it.  I like having a less structured day, its easier.  However, easier isn't what Christ calls me to.  He calls me to something so much better, giving up my own desires for those around me.  I have never experienced anything so hard, yet when I joyfully (without grumbling!) do it our whole family has a better day.  For example, I allowed the girls to play this morning for too long unstructured.  I knew I should stop my organizing and take them for a walk or do some school pages, but they were playing nicely and quite creatively together so I didn't (see picture of their "bonfire" below).  Just before nap time when I wanted them to do something helpful, it became a fight and all of us were frazzled.  I admit it was my selfishness of enjoying having time to get something done that led to this.  I knew what my kids would need, yet I made a different choice.  As I sat down to read some during nap, I checked out Desiring God's blog (their Grace at Home series is one of my favorites).  God knew what I needed to hear, a gentle reminder that the question I've been mulling over but not really wanting to make changes for was the topic today.  Will I sacrifice?  I can justify that I do sacrifice and list out the ways, the truth is, why do I limit my sacrifice when my head fills with excuses instead of joyfully persevere in making the changes? 

Here is the blog post by Christine Hoover.  The Everyday Question of Motherhood  I'm going to go regroup and begin anew after naps with a much better attitude.  Thank you for grace that is new every morning (and after naps!)

They built a "bonfire" out of blankets, toys, scrap wood, and some wrapping supplies.  Papa Keech would be proud.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Gratituesday- Momma's Little Helper

I was going to skip Gratituesday today and work on two other posts I've been working on but then I something adorable happened. 

Sofia awoke from her nap with the same words I hear every day at 3pm.  "I'm hungry 'gain."  Her snack choice was an apple or banana with peanut butter.  She went with her typical choice of banana with peanut butter, this kid would only eat bananas and peanut butter if given the option.  After her little snack she wiped her hands, walked over to the dish washer and neatly (yes neatly!) placed her plate in the dishwasher!  I'm pretty impressed for a 2 year old!  So today I'm grateful for the joy Sofia has in serving others and how absolutely cute it is to see her mimic something I do 100 times a day. 

Photo credit to Becky Hadeed (Another reason to be grateful!  She babysat the girls and took adorable pictures while doing it!)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Gratituesday- Breakfast with a Friend

A day late:)

I am by no means a techie, but I'm grateful for technology!  The wonders of skype has allowed me to have breakfast with my friend, Aly, whom currently lives in Malaysia many times.  She wasn't really having breakfast this time, she was eating a nighttime snack before bed thanks to the 12 hour time difference. 

It was a wonderful start to my morning to begin the day first having our girls talk.  We've taught our girls that they share the sun and moon. When one family has the moon the other has the sun, its the only way we've thought to explain why one family is going to bed while the other is eating breakfast.  Two and three year old skype conversations are quite amusing.  Typically conversation consists of showing various toys or books.  Marian played a rousing rendition of "Jesus Loves Me" on the harmonica this time.  Skype even lets you enjoy the fun of young children learning musical instruments.  Once my friend's kids have gone to bed and my kids are off playing (or sitting/climbing in my lap) the adults get to talk at least in theory.  Sometimes this works better than others.5
By far my favorite Ari and Marian picture:)  Picture taken 3 months before they left.

Before they left for Malaysia, I typically saw Aly 3-4 times a week.  It was a tough adjustment not getting to call her whenever I wanted, thankfully there is email.  This morning we were able to talk for a long time about everything from weather (its been quite an adjustment moving from Maryland to Malaysia) to language learning to homeschooling to what God's teaching us about Himself and ourselves.  I've always respected Aly's humility and joy in her relationship with Jesus and its been beautiful to see it grow greater as she lives in a foreign country.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

It's HERE!

New Meter with remote for the pump.
The One Touch Ping Insulin Pump in pink of course.

The Insulin Pump has arrived!  I have one excited girl.  I hope she's this excited when we start using it.
 Sofia's pretty excited too.  I think we're going to have to do something special for her when Marian begins using this pump.  Any ideas?

Praise God for...

the insurance company!  Not what you thought I'd say.  But I am so grateful for two things with them.  One: they aren't fighting us ordering the insulin pump a month earlier than their protocal dictates and two: its covered 100%.  Phew!  Another bonus the infusion sets are cover 100% too!  We are so grateful because we have been praying for a smooth transition into the pump and the first step was actually getting the pump shipped without problems.  Thus far Animas has been wonderfully responsive and so has our insurance company.  Thank God.  The next phase of this transition will be training set up for late April and then a week of saline in the pump and then off we go with insulin.  We're grateful for the first hurdle and praying for the next couple!

As a side note I just got an email with the tracking information!  The pump and supplies should arrive today.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Gratituesday- Silence

I have never appreciated silence more than this current stage in my life.  I guess their are two types of silence in my life.  One is when the girls are silent I know something is wrong, thank God for those little indicators of mischief or disobedience.  The second silence and the one I'm REALLY grateful for is silence when the girls are asleep or I'm driving alone in the car.  I don't think I'm an introvert nor have I ever been one to seek out silence.  Music was always on in the car once I began driving and Mark and I frequently had music on in the house before kids.  Now, if I'm in the car alone there is no music or talk radio, just beautiful silence.  As a note I used to think my mom was weird for not listening to the radio, sorry mom; I totally understand now;) 

Today I had one of those really wonderful silent times while the girls napped.  I sipped hot chocolate, sat on the couch looking at the pink blossomed tree in front of our house while I read a very encouraging book (Faithful Parent by Martha Peace and Stuart Scott) and journaled.  The silence and rest was refreshing.

What are you grateful for today?

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