Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Needed Rebuke

I've been thinking about the question "Am I willing to sacrifice?" a lot lately.  I think its comes with the realization of my own selfishness in caring for my family.  I'm seeing some needs in both my girls that are going to require more intentionality on my part, mainly in structuring our day.  To be honest I don't want to do it.  I like having a less structured day, its easier.  However, easier isn't what Christ calls me to.  He calls me to something so much better, giving up my own desires for those around me.  I have never experienced anything so hard, yet when I joyfully (without grumbling!) do it our whole family has a better day.  For example, I allowed the girls to play this morning for too long unstructured.  I knew I should stop my organizing and take them for a walk or do some school pages, but they were playing nicely and quite creatively together so I didn't (see picture of their "bonfire" below).  Just before nap time when I wanted them to do something helpful, it became a fight and all of us were frazzled.  I admit it was my selfishness of enjoying having time to get something done that led to this.  I knew what my kids would need, yet I made a different choice.  As I sat down to read some during nap, I checked out Desiring God's blog (their Grace at Home series is one of my favorites).  God knew what I needed to hear, a gentle reminder that the question I've been mulling over but not really wanting to make changes for was the topic today.  Will I sacrifice?  I can justify that I do sacrifice and list out the ways, the truth is, why do I limit my sacrifice when my head fills with excuses instead of joyfully persevere in making the changes? 

Here is the blog post by Christine Hoover.  The Everyday Question of Motherhood  I'm going to go regroup and begin anew after naps with a much better attitude.  Thank you for grace that is new every morning (and after naps!)

They built a "bonfire" out of blankets, toys, scrap wood, and some wrapping supplies.  Papa Keech would be proud.


  1. Good tough learning... thankful this parenting thing is a process. Really cute pic too!

  2. Laura, I read this yesterday and didn't have time to comment - but I couldn't leave it alone. I am glad your heart is open to God's leading and I don't dispute that He had something to show you yesterday. I do want to encourage you that, while we will always have farther to go in selflessness, it is abundantly clear to me that you have already progressed very, very far in this area of sanctification. There are a couple of people whose example I consider when I'm trying to make those hard decisions to put self aside - I think of John, a sister-in-law, and Amy H - and I've often thought of you in that same litany lately :-)

    1. I agree with Becky!
      PS Good article from DG!