Sunday, June 3, 2012

Don't Stand Near Me

Tonight I had a bit of a mix-up with my youngest and oldest.  We arrived home way past bedtime and I was trying to get the girls ready for bed quickly.  We walked into the house I said "Marian let me test your blood sugar" for probably the millionth time.  I sit down to test her with both girls standing around me.  For some reason Sofia had her little finger out too so I grabbed it and pricked her with the lancet (little device that pricks the finger to draw blood for a glucose reading).  Needless to say the scream and look of confusion on her face brought me to my senses and made us laugh pretty hard.  It took a while for Sofia to get over the shock of what just happened to her, but thankfully she survived.  My guess is she will not stick her finger out anywhere near me anymore.  This is also a warning to anyone else that might be brave enough to stand near me when I have a lancet in my hand. 

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