Thursday, May 17, 2012

Diabetic Supplies Bag

I love to sew and I have an absurd amount of fabric. I figured I'd experiment with a diabetic supplies bag for the diaper bag, since I have a ton of free time ;). I like the little kit that the blood glucose meter came in but since putting a rubber safety cover on it, it doesn't fit easily and drives me crazy. I wanted to be able to fit all the supplies I normally carry in the diaper bag pockets into the diabetic bag so that I can easily switch to a book bag or another bag if Marian is going someplace without me. We're going away this weekend so I guess I'll try it out and see what needs tweaking or if I just need to go back to the old blood glucose meter bag. I will say this one is much cuter!

BG Meter Bag

My new version.  Room for extra batteries, insulin pen with extra insulin, snacks, and pump supplies.

All rolled up
I'll check back next week to give an update on whether or not this works and some directions on how to make your own.


  1. You are a lemonade maker extraordinaire!

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