Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Gratituesday- Music

I haven't done a post about something I'm grateful for in a while.  This morning I'm grateful for music.  Both my girls sing all....the...time.  I can't say I get tired of it.  They sing quite a variety too, kids songs, Bible songs, hymns, and songs of their own creation.  I had read somewhere when Marian was a baby that having music in the home helps everyone to keep a joyful attitude and it helps to show kids your joy in Christ when you're expressing it through song while working.  Now, my singing is NOT something that most people enjoy, however, I do enjoy singing, I just need some assistance from those more musically talented.  I'm grateful at how much Truth our kids have soaked up through music.  It's amazing.  I've also loved seeing them express their love towards babies through singing.  Their baby dolls are always getting sung too.  Their little brother while in-utero has has quite a few songs sung to him as well.  Sofia sings "Jesus Loves Me" to her baby brother at least a few times a week.  While she sings, she holds my belly.  This morning as she sang the baby kicked.
Sofia "holding" her baby brother.

  Picture by Photography by Susie.


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  2. Oh Laura how sweet :D. My grandmother used to sing all the time when she was doing housework and yes it did make her house a joyful play. I used to sing to my little brother when he was still in the belly too! :D