Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Pouring My Brain Out

Do you remember taking a test in high school or college and studying really hard then pouring your brain out with all the information that you could on the test?  Or researching for a paper all semester then sitting down to write it and having trouble making sure all the important stuff is in there?  Has anyone else felt this way?

I'm beginning to feel like this and its been a while since I've had to take a test or write a paper!  As we prepare for the arrive of our third child, I'm trying to train the family members that will be taking the girls when I go into labor as well as those that will take the girls for a long weekend camp at "Grandma and Grandpa's."  The amount of things to think about for caring for Marian for more than a few hours is mind boggling.  I'm not sure what is important and what is something only Mark and I need to focus on because what if...  Ahhh gotta love worries and fears.  If I was honest Marian would probably be just as happy telling everyone else how to care for her than for her mom to write instruction sheets for how to do it ;)  I guess I can be grateful for a very independent 3 year old!

If anyone wants some of the items I've found useful online here are the links:
My Child Has Diabetes-Childcare Checklist
JDRF- Emergency Checklist

I've made a bunch of checklists and instruction sheets, if anyone would find them helpful I'm happy to email them to you! 

Off to keep packing because we leave in 2 hours!  (That means I probably shouldn't be typing a blog entry).

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