Saturday, February 18, 2012

It's a....

Mark and I can't ever wait to tell anyone that we're pregnant.  It's almost amusing.  With all our kids we've told everyone we know within a week or two (sometimes days of finding out).  Our current pregnancy took us a bit longer to announce than the others because we found out the evening after we arrived home from the hospital with Marian's diabetes diagonsis. 

As a side note, this wasn't exactly a "surprise" baby but it wasn't expected.  In the hospital I was about 95% sure I was pregnant but I thought telling Mark while we were also soaking in all the information they throw at you in a 48 hour time block of diabetic care training might be a bit much so I waited a whole day.  This baby caused a lot of laugther between the two of us out of both joy and total disbelief that God saw fit to give us a diabetic 3 year old and a pregnancy at the same time.  It's odd joy amid sorrow.  We had wanted to get pregnant in November or December, but I can promise you that we would NOT have tried to get pregnant that soon after Marian's diagonsis.  God seems to have different plans.  Which I'm grateful for!  It's been a blessing to get to think about another baby.

Our last two pregancies we've let them be surprises until they were born.  I LOVE doing!  It's so fun to give birth and all of sudden find out.  But we decided for various reasons to find out, if possible, during our ultrasound for this pregnancy.  The baby was more than cooperative.

To celebrate with our family we had a cake cutting at Sofia's 2nd birthday party.  It was such a fun way of telling everyone, including our girls.  Here's the cake:

The girls are still saying its a girl.  I think for Marian its denial and for Sofia its doing whatever Marian does because there is nothing cooler than your big sister. 

We are very excited and looking forward to this baby's arrival in early July. 


  1. Hi there! My sis in law found your blog and sent it to me--we found out late Nov that our little girl is honeymooning with Type 1, and I am in shock mode. Our blog is, but I have to invite you, I think! Anyway, I, too, am a Christian. My e-mail is God bless you all!

  2. Alvin!! Can't wait to meet you!