Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Laura from the blog Heavenly Homemakers does Gratituesdays with a post about what she's grateful for every Tuesday.  I've always loved it!  What a great way to focus on praise and not complaining!  I'd like to do the same thing.

I know its Valentine's day so maybe its a bit corny but I am so grateful for my husband.  He is a man that loves God more earnestly seeks to love God and live as he's commanded.  He's not afraid of taking the hard road even if it means some sacrifice, which is sometimes a bit scarey as his wife;)  He works full time goes to seminary part time and stays involved at church.  Our pastor has been gracious enough to allow Mark to preach about 6 times a year.  I love when he's preaching!  I learn so much, possibly because I hear the sermon at least 2 times.  He preaches with honesty and humility always taking us back to the cross.  I look forward to the day when I get to hear him preach every Sunday. 

As a father, he seeks to be involved and shepard our children well.  Considering he's from a family of all boys, he has done a wonderful job learning to play dress-up, dolls, and house.  Of course our girls can also build a tower with legos to rival most 3 year old boys and have learned how to throw snowballs at an early age.  I think Sofia was hit with her first snow ball at 3 days old.

I love having a husband that cares for me well and seeks to serve me even when I don't deserve it.  As a bonus he sometimes even cooks.  Like tonight when he made me the crab cakes I've been craving.

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