Thursday, February 16, 2012

Blood Sugar Highs are Scary

I've read frequently and experienced the fears of having a 3 year old with low blood sugar but every once and a while I am reminded of the fears (and slightly absurd comedy) of high blood sugars as well. For example tonight's dinner.  We got home from BJs and I finished making the veggies for dinner and we sat down.  I forgot to check her blood sugar initially as this pregnant momma was HUNGRY.  All of a sudden Marian started pouring her water bottle onto the floor, this was no accident.  As began to clean it up (my first mistake, she should have cleaned it up), she grabs at my hair and pulls hard!  So she was disciplined for both.  We went on with dinner.  Less than a minutes later she looks at me after I told her to "Please continue eating" and dumps her entire plate onto the floor.  I then proceeded to check her blood sugar...325.  Okay so she's high this explains some of these behaviors.  I gave her a correction shot amid a fit and sent her to her room to calm down reading quietly for a few minutes.  I've learned fighting a battle with a child with high blood sugar is a losing battle.  She calmly came out a few minutes later and was ready to deal with life again.  We cleaned up the mess and dealt with her plate throwing and how to handle a situation without throwing food items (or any other item for that matter).  At the time I went from thinking "what are you doing I know you've been trained better than this" to "is this some kind of joke."  The irrationalities of a 3 year old combined with high blood sugar is scary and slightly amusing to think about the absurdity of her responses. 

It's always such a humbling experience to realize that one, I probably could have avoided many of these problems tonight by remembering to check her blood sugar before dinner instead of after it had begun.  Two seeing how completely out of control she can become when she has high blood sugar scares me for as she gets older and the choice isn't to throw a plate but drive irresponsibly or something.  A good reminder tonight to persevere in prayer for not just today but the future of my children!

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