Friday, March 30, 2012

On Our Way...

Towards an Insulin Pump!  Wahoo!

Mark and I are so excited to begin this process.  While I'm a bit overwhelmed at having to learn a whole new system of care, I'm looking forward to not having to give 6-10 shots a day!  How wonderful it will be to bolus without having Marian scream at me because it hurts...some of this I think is manipulation not real pain, since it doesn't happen in public or when others give an injection typically. 

We decided to go with the Animas OneTouch Ping.  I thought it would be useful to list our thoughts on each because I would've appreciated seeing someone else's thoughts on deciding the pump they chose.
Here are some of our thoughts as we worked through which pump to choose:

Child has no access to pump controls
Less to carry
If we forget the meter no other options to get insulin into Marian easily
A bit heavy to be taped to body of 3 year old, most reviews seemed to indicate extra glues/tapes needed.

OneTouch Ping
Pink (this is the feature most important to Marian)
Can give program to give insulin using pump on body and through meter
We've used the OneTouch meter so its a bit less to learn
Marian will have access to pump controls
Marian must wear a belt or pocket with the pump

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