Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Leaping Letters

Enjoying this BEAUTIFUL weather!

I have slowly been teaching Marian her letters.  We started back up again after a summer break.  Since its beautiful outside I have no desire to do workbooks inside (and neither do Marian or Sofia) so this morning we did one page then headed outside to play "Leaping Letters".

I chose 4 letters that we've been working on (f, b, m, s) and wrote them in capital and lower case forms in boxes on the sidewalk. 

I then made a starting line that the girls had to line up behind.  The girls would stand at the line and I would give them a command (also works on following directions :) ).  For example hop to the B, skip to the S.
Once Marian was on the letter she had to say the sound, give me a word starting with that letter, and trace the lower case letter (the book we're using doesn't teach writing capitals yet).
Marian had so much fun that we went outside and played it again after dinner. 

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  1. Ummm, you just think of everything! Your girls will have sooooooooooo many wonderful memories!